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Business Grade DSL

RUCC has provided quality Internet services to organisations and individuals since 1993. We offer tier 1 business grade DSL Internet access throughout Australia.

RUCC provides high-speed, business grade connections over ADSL and SHDSL services backed by a Service Level Agreement.

The RUCC VPN service provides you with a private ip network that offers performance, security and a fixed price service between most of your locations. RUCC DSL services provide you with very fast data transfer rates over your phone lines, reducing the need for expensive cabling and installation costs.

RUCC DSL is a flexible, reliable and dedicated service for your business. The technology does not compromise speed and security while accessing the Internet.

RUCC DSL delivers a much better price/performance ratio than other services such as ISDN and Frame Relay, whilst still providing flexible routing configurations, static address space and meeting varied network requirements.

Your service is permanently connected to the Internet and is available in speeds up to to 24Mbps - Australia's fastest ADSL service. Higher speeds are also available over multilink or fibre optic connections.

Symmetric services (SHDSL) are available at 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps. Both maximum speeds for ADSL and SHDSL are attainable within our national broadband network. Unlike many providers we try to route your traffic via the fastest path, a big performance advantage for time sensitive applications like client/server or terminal services applications.

RUCC DSL customers also have access to graphical reports displaying service usage as well as access to other complementary services including secure domain email and integrated webmail.

RUCC can also provision fibre optic, ATM and wireless services as part of an integrated solution.

Businesses that do not fall entirely within the coverage of our national broadband network, may be serviced through the extended coverage network.

So why has our DSL network been awarded 'The top choice for small to medium businesses'?
(PC Authority - August 2001)

1. It's fast
  • DSL is a broadband Internet service that is up to 100 times faster than dial-up connections and many times faster than ISDN.
  • It is a fast, permanent connection to the Internet that enables everyone in your office to access the Internet.
  • Speeds start at 512Kb/s download and are scalable up to 24Mb/s.
  • You can quickly add extra speed to your service when required, changing plans for your service is free.

  • 2. It's affordable
  • As well as being faster than other broadband services, such as ISDN, it is also more affordable.
  • ADSL is delivered over existing phone lines so there is no need to build an expensive data infrastructure. It grows as your business grows - you can quickly add extra speed and capacity when you need it.
  • RUCC DSL plans charge for upstream or downstream data, whichever is greater. Some ADSL networks charge you for the data you upload as well as download.
  • With RUCC ADSL your business productivity can be increased through faster web and email access.
  • Easily take advantage of new broadband services such as video conferencing or your own high speed virtual private network.
  • RUCC ADSL includes more features

  • 3. It delivers business grade reliability
  • Your service is backed by a Service Level Guarantee that promises better than 99.7% availability.
  • The network, your connection and dedicated router are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • The installation of the service is managed end-to-end.
  • Flexible addressing, routing and configuration options are available to suit your network.
  • The installation of the service is managed end-to-end.
  • The core network is a CiscoTM powered network.

  • How to order
  • Call RUCC on 03 8685 8378 or 02 8207 3156 to discuss plans, pricing and your requirements in detail
  • Email RUCC at

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  • Email:

    Advanced email
    Enhanced email from RUCC DSL lets you improve your business communications by delivering access that is both simple and secure.

    Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus features are also included as part of the service.

    Flexible and secure
    Enhanced email delivers secure POP3 and IMAP server based mail as well as secure web based email. Get your email on the road, in an airport, or at home using RUCC webmail � wherever you have access to the Internet. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus software is also included.

    Best performance awards
    The Request network was awarded CommsWorld Telecomms 2003 industry award winner for Broadband Wholesale Carrier of the Year and the only national, networking provider delivering AS/NZS 7799.2 ISMS standard broadband IP networking solution.

    Also awarded the prestigious ATUG Industry award for Carrier of the Year 2002. The award was given in recognition of the company's highly reliable broadband network that has a service level commitment of 99.9%.

    PC Authority is the definitive, independent reviewer of IT services in Australia. The network won its award for best Business Broadband. "Excellence in performance and range of services available through a number of ISPs. The top choice for small to medium businesses".