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Please use the form below to see if our service is available to you. This is not a definitive answer as coverage is currently expanding to new exchanges. Please phone to confirm if your number doesn't appear to be supported.

Fill out the form below and click 'check number' to see if RUCC ADSL is currently available for your phone number. The results of your query will be sent to your specified email address.

A rollout of new supported exchanges is underway. Not all enabled exchanges may be dispayed by your search.

If your result requires confirmation, please email us at to confirm the status your exchange, Please include a number and its area code of the service you want us to pre-qualify.

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Advanced email
Enhanced email from RUCC DSL lets you improve your business communications by delivering access that is both simple and secure.

Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus features are also included as part of the service.

Flexible and secure
Enhanced email delivers secure POP3 and IMAP server based mail as well as secure web based email. Get your email on the road, in an airport, or at home using RUCC webmail � wherever you have access to the Internet. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus software is also included.

Best performance awards
The Request network was awarded CommsWorld Telecomms 2003 industry award winner for Broadband Wholesale Carrier of the Year and the only national, networking provider delivering AS/NZS 7799.2 ISMS standard broadband IP networking solution.

Also awarded the prestigious ATUG Industry award for Carrier of the Year 2002. The award was given in recognition of the company's highly reliable broadband network that has a service level commitment of 99.9%.

PC Authority is the definitive, independent reviewer of IT services in Australia. The network won its award for best Business Broadband. "Excellence in performance and range of services available through a number of ISPs. The top choice for small to medium businesses".