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Virtual Private Network

What is the RUCC VPN solution?

The RUCC VPN solution provides a secure, nationwide ip-based network that enables organisations to connect multiple offices together.

Traditionally, VPNs have used the Internet as a bearer to transmit private data to each end-customer location. This approach requires complex and expensive encryption and tunnelling techniques (PPTP, IPSEC, GRE, etc) as well as software, hardware and consulting.

Using our VPN solution, your data never leaves your private network.

Provide private access to your head office
with controlled access to the Internet

Fixed Pricing
Data passed over the IP VPN is charged at a fixed monthly rate. CPE-based services employ a variable pricing structure, which makes it difficult for the enterprise to budget and forecast.

Capital Cost Saving
Network-based IP VPNs require less equipment, so an enterprise has simply lower costs. The network-based IP VPN bears this capital cost centrally.

Lower Priced Communications Services
In general the Private IP VPN is lower in cost than any traditional VPN. Although the service is lower-priced, overall quality is never compromised.

Operational Cost savings
A centralised system means simplified management performed on the network and therefore lower overhead costs. The reduction in equipment at the enterprise significantly reduces the costs associated with maintenance, network management and troubleshooting costs. Similarly, configuration costs are carried out more quickly and efficiently, further minimising costs.

Optimum Security
Transmitted data remains isolated on the private IP network so company information is not exposed to the public Internet. This is facilitated by both physical and logical separation.

Centralised Policy Control and Management
Rules and policies of the network are stored centrally unlike other legacy or CPE-based IP VPNs. For example, for an enterprise with 100 separate sites, any network software upgrades would have to be carried out at each one. With this network-based solution, upgrades are made more efficiently within the IP network without ever having to interfere with individual enterprise equipment.

Multi-Service Capability
The network has multi-service capability over the same physical link. For example this means data transmission and Internet access, can occur simultaneously along the one connection. Significant savings can be made on traditional line costs.

CPE-based IP VPNs are limited by the number of "tunnels" (secure connections between two points), they can support. Network-based IP VPNs offer pre-configured tunnels ready for scaling. The end result is reduced time to bring a site online, therefore contributing more quickly to overall productivity.

Flexible Integration
The network-based IP VPN offering in many cases can be easily integrated with traditional networks or even CPE-based IP VPNs. Connectivity via alternative access includes ATM and Ethernet.

Service Level Agreement Private IP VPNs are supported by measurable service level agreements. These include assured core network availability, throughput assurance and minimised latency.

The network-based IP VPN delivers on the promise of reliable, cost-effective communications for better performing business systems and ecommerce.

Major features
  • Connects your offices together as if they were in the same building and without the worry of Internet exposure
  • Access your sites over xDSL using an inexpense, preconfigured and fully managed router
  • Other very high speed services are available that integrate with the VPN (e.g. Ethernet & ATM)
  • Dedicated inter-capital virtual circuits (if required)
  • Flexible pricing to meet ever-changing business requirements
  • Guaranteed service level agreements - 99.9% availability target
  • Tailored to meet each customer's commercial needs
  • Privacy and security
  • Separate physical and virtual infrastructure end-to-end
  • Data travels over a private network
  • Multi-service enabled using the same physical connection
  • VPN can be combined with Internet access
  • Separate data session ensures VPN stays secure
  • Management network extends to all network devices including separate access to the customer router

    Key benefits
  • Improved throughput, performance and availability - delivering improved communications with staff, customers and suppliers
  • Maximised security delivers peace of mind for businesses' confidentiality needs
  • Reduced upfront costs
  • No need for Client end software
  • No need for Server hardware or software
  • Private network means reduced security/firewall costs
  • Predictable monthly charges
  • Remote, secure access for telecommuters
  • Efficiency and productivity gains
  • Private IP addressing
  • Easy migration and/or implementation for WANs and LANs

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    Advanced email
    Enhanced email from RUCC DSL lets you improve your business communications by delivering access that is both simple and secure.

    Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus features are also included as part of the service.

    Flexible and secure
    Enhanced email delivers secure POP3 and IMAP server based mail as well as secure web based email. Get your email on the road, in an airport, or at home using RUCC webmail � wherever you have access to the Internet. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus software is also included.

    Best performance awards
    The Request network was awarded CommsWorld Telecomms 2003 industry award winner for Broadband Wholesale Carrier of the Year and the only national, networking provider delivering AS/NZS 7799.2 ISMS standard broadband IP networking solution.

    Also awarded the prestigious ATUG Industry award for Carrier of the Year 2002. The award was given in recognition of the company's highly reliable broadband network that has a service level commitment of 99.9%.

    PC Authority is the definitive, independent reviewer of IT services in Australia. The network won its award for best Business Broadband. "Excellence in performance and range of services available through a number of ISPs. The top choice for small to medium businesses".